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digital fashion.

Fashion is out of fashion. A new paradigm is taking shape in the fashion industry and that will revolutionise the whole business.
The next generation of fashion will be digital and sustainable.
New business models will be born. Old ones will die.

Neue offers brands, universities, fashion houses and designers an end-to-end platform that supports you all the way from idea to production.

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One-service platform

Playground is the only digital fashion platform that goes end-to end. Every aspect of the platform is engineered to help companies overcome their innovation barrier. It's designed and optimised for production and customer adaptions.

Connected fashion

Playgrounds helps companies to connect garments, develop content and services, and go to market. It consists of customised hardware packed with sensors, developer software and adapted  end user apps.

How it works

Connect your garments – devices

Implement the Neue developed Automat® sensor that is packed with sensors or use standard NFC Tags or QR codes. You can also connect smart material such as printed lights, LED's, touch fabric or haptic feedback buzzers.

Develop content and services – software

Create functions and applications for your garments easily with our development platform playground. Quickly add rental services, digital washing instructions or make your printed light blink.

Go to market – Data and sales

When you are ready with your function push it to the consumer app, Wardrobe, and it will instantly be available to your customers. Choose if you want it to be free of charge, one time pay or a subscription service.

Fashion tech toolkit

Neue has developed a fashion tech toolkit based on the same technology and platform as we use for B2B companies. We have added ready-for-production smart fabrics so that it is even easier to get started building prototypes. This is a perfect tool for everyone that rapidly will create connected fashion and wearables.

Fashion Tech Toolkit is available for order now!
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Playground developer app

The Playground app is free to use. In the design view of the app you can build your own app interfaces. You can download it in App Store.

Playground cloud

Once you have created an account you can administrate parts of what is in Playground online.

Automat® Base Unit

Neue's Automat® sensor contains: Bluetooth, 8MB Memory, Gyro, Accelerometer, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure sensors, built in charger, Analogue inputs and outputs I2C and SPI interface.

El Driver

Super small electroluminence driver. Connect up to 4 lights and control them independently.

Connector Board

Connects to the Automat® FFC connector. Big gold plated connectors for easy soldering while protoyping.

Haptic feedback buzzer

High quality 100 mAh LiPo  battery.

LED lights

High quality 100 mAh LiPo  battery.

Touch fabrics

High quality 100 mAh LiPo  battery.

Extra cables

High quality 100 mAh LiPo  battery.

Extra patches

We have pre-built patches for you to easily get started. In no time you can connect all the smart material included in the toolkit.


Case study – F/ACT Movement

The mission of F/ACT Movement is to create awareness around sustainability and circular models for the fashion industry. Ten people were hand-picked by Borås Textilhögskola to participate in the project. The participants is not allowed to buy any new apparel within the six-month long project. On a monthly basis they meet to have workshops and lectures. It can be about redesign, collaborative rebranding, reuse, restyle, and everything that makes our world a bit better. They also get regular missions...

A connected wardrobe
One of the major missions they got was to connect all their garments with NFC tags. They also got a necklace with a built-in Automat®. The participants are asked to check in their outfit of the day by scanning the tags. They are also encouraged to wear the necklace as often as possible.

Data, anyone?
We collect all data generated during six months. The data will first be analysed by AI. After that we will try to find patterns, user behaviour and different types of movement. By knowing about combinations, garments not in use, movement compared with the status of the garment, we can learn a lot.

Some examples: A digital personal stylist driven by AI. Garments not in use can be traded in a circular business model. How movement, environment and usage is affecting longevity.

We are Neue. We are based in Sweden, USA, Germany and Poland.
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