Health Light

Get back to work and open up for business safely with Health Light

Assures workers, unions, family, government agencies and healthcare professionals that your factory or plant is safe.

Ensure a safe and virus free workplace today with the Health Light wearable.

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Health Light Wearable

  • Health status indication at a glance
  • Secure and tamper proof
  • Automatic contact tracing
  • Built on the Neue platform and cloud

Open for Work - integrated safety platform

Fast to implement - most cost effective solution - no infrastructure to upgrade.

Health Light from Neue Labs is a complete family of wearable devices and companion mobile applications designed to keep workers safe.

An example of the rapid prototyping capabilities of the Neue platform.

The Health Light Clip

The Health Light clip is a rugged tamper proof secure status indicator light. Mission critical for workplaces like meatpacking plants, food prep, warehouses and last mile delivery.

The Health Light Lanyard

Ideal for crowded work environments where social distancing is difficult to maintain. The only device on the market with illuminated status indicators driven from a secure and tamper-proof cloud admin back-end.

We are Neue. We are based in Sweden, USA, Germany and Poland.
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