Asset Tracking

Increase utilization and demand driven logistics

  • Increases resilience in supply chains
  • Enables tracking and sharing carbonfootprint of supply chains
  • Guarantee product efficacy for cold chain medicines and foods
  • Seamless indoor and outdoor tracking with smart state changes
  • Captures valuable data from deployed assets
  • Get better transparency and visualization of your supply chain and important metrics
  • Improve safety, protection and health of your personnel

Traditional tracking challenges


Many choices,
but no right solution


Hard to find the tracker solution supporting all your needs

  • Battery
  • Mechanical housing
  • Right Sensors
  • Backend
  • Connectivity


Developing your own tracker from scratch

  • Long time to market
  • High non-recuring engineering cost
  • Very expensive for small volumes
  • Requires firmware, hardware, logistics,engineering etc. skills
  • Requires product ownership


Asset tracking with Neue

Configurable to fit your needs, both in hardware requirements (sensors, battery, form factor etc.), to software functionality

Available from small scale volumes of 10 devices, up to 100k+ volumes. All with ready bill of materials and no NRE (non-recurring engineering) costs

No firmware or software developers needed. With our no-code development platform you can connect to any cloud or backend solution and easily create smart trackers and create X as a Service models