Prototyping & product development

Enable fast and flexible product creation

Complete platform to rapidly create prototypes, mobile applications and connected cloud services.

  • Designed for rapid prototyping and mass production our solution, unlike e.g. Raspberry Pi, can not only speed up ideation, but equally important reduce time to manufacturing at scale.
  • 80% less non-recurring engineering costs by using the same hardware from start to finish
  • Choose hardware configuration and remove what’s not needed
  • No electrical engineering or firmware programming when your team uses the Playground low-code development tool
  • The intelligent configuration software of Playground lets you connect sensors and visualise the data in your own designed app within moments
  • Connect to any AI solution and cloud backend
  • Known bill of materials and logistic chain from the start
  • Available from very small volumes up to 100' thousands

Reduce technical iteration

by using Playground and existing hardware.

Tech toolkit

Neue has developed a tech toolkit to make it easier to get started building prototypes on your own. This is a perfect tool for everyone who rapidly wants to create connected products, gather data and add product services.

Playground  app

The Playground app is free to use. In the design view of the app you can build your own app interfaces. You can download it in App Store.

Playground cloud

Once you have created an account you can administrate parts of what is in Playground online.

Automat® Base Unit

The Automat® sensor contains: Bluetooth, 8MB Memory, Gyro, Accelerometer, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure sensors, built in charger, Analogue inputs and outputs I2C and SPI interface.

Connector Board

Connects to the Automat® FFC connector. Big gold plated connectors for easy soldering while protoyping.


High quality 100 mAh LiPo battery