Enabling Agile Development

Playground is where you easily create your own functions and interface for your connected device. It gives you information about your device in an instant and lets you react and modify it's behaviour on the fly. Save time on training and take advantage of the agility that the no-code programmable turnkey solution provide for visualizing better IoT solutions

No-code development tool

Using the power of flows in Playground, you can rapidly build different applications for controlling your connected device. Each flow is using intelligent patches consisting of visual node-based functions for communicating with your device and connecting to the cloud.

Rapidly connect sensor data to AI solutions

By connecting your sensor outputs to cloud inputs you are ready to start analyzing your data in the cloud using different AI solutions. You can easily configure the firmware to select when and what data to send, to modify data or react to events.

The Playground App

Create - This is where you create new flows and add them to your device. Flows are your applications that are run on the target hardware device – Automat and Flex iEnbl.

Edit - This is where you build and edit your flows. You build your flows by adding patches and connecting the outputs of one patch to the input of another patch. You can group them together to build functions. No need to keep track of data types or writing code, Playground does it all for you. Everything is run live, so you can always see directly what is happening and which data is being sent from your device.

Design - In the design view of the app you can build your own graphical interface. This is how you can control and visualise the data coming from the sensors of the device.

It is free to use and is available for iPhones. You can download it in Apples App Store.

A web version is available. When an account is created one can administrate elements and functions of what is in Playground online.