Lowering the barrier from prototyping to industrialization for connected products

Our sensor as a service solution is built for fast innovation, digitalisation and to enable new business models. It lets you start capturing data immediately and rapidly adapt the solution as you go, with our no-code development platform.

Digitally transform your business in a borderless and efficient way with our

Sensor as a Service platform


We believe that IoT is not just a buzzword, but a powerful way to connect the physical world with the digital one. IoT can help us solve real problems, improve efficiency, save resources, and create new opportunities.

But we also know that IoT can be complex, expensive, and hard to scale. That’s why we created our company: to lower the barriers from prototyping to industrialization for connected products. We want to help customers create IoT solutions that are fast, sustainable, and adaptable. We want to enable innovation and digitalisation with our sensor as a service and no-code platform.

Juan Nogueira

Director at Flex’s Connectivity Centre of Excellence

If well collected and tagged data, aided by artificial intelligence or machine learning can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, or grow customer loyalty, then IoT can help you capture that data and apply the right level of intelligence locally, to make sense of it. iENBL can shorten the development time of your hardware platform, so you can quickly test your solution and make investment decisions that deliver.

Our Platform

We make the transition from IoT concept, to field test, to industrialization and production seamless


Our hardware has all the necessary elements for companies to build a secure IoT solution that also provides long and short-range connectivity


Our no-code development solution Playground is where you easily create your own functions and interface for your connected device


Harnessing the power of new exiting technologies such as iSIM and satellite connectivity for IoT

What does this mean?

Flexible, fast, cost-efficient and sustainable

Reducing cost and deployment time

A solution ready for volume production in less than 50% of the time

Development without technical expertise

Collect data from any environment or device without worrying about hardware or software development with our no-code solution

Industrial ready hardware

Flexible, adaptable and ready to scale for international deployment with a ready bill of materials, proven for industrial use

Building a sustainable future

Reduce emissions and increase effectiveness and get access to new communication technologies

Fast-track development process

No scarce skills needed, prototype and deploy in a fast and cost-efficient way

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