Enable people to quickly create innovative connected smart products

Our platform fulfills the need for product designers, to rapidly create prototypes, launch final product and engage the end users.

Automat® is a rapid product development tool, taking ideas
from prototype to production.

Playground is the only digital platform that goes end-to end. Every aspect of the platform is engineered to help companies overcome their innovation barrier. It's designed and optimized for production and customer adaptions.

Health Light
A use case of rapid product development

Get back to work and open up for business safely with Health Light

Ensure a safe and virus free workplace today with the Health Light wearable

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Our Solutions

Designed for rapid prototyping and mass production, the Neue IoT platform can not only speed up ideation, but also reduce time to manufacturing at scale

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Automat® coupled with Playground equals unlimited speed, flexibility and price performance.

Write once, play anywhere, with instant portability to most common hardware if needed or go straight to production with the Automat® hardware.

Health Light

Health Light

Health Light is an example of a product created using the rapid development platform capabilities of Automat® and Playground. It is a complete family of wearable devices and companion mobile applications designed to keep workers safe.

The only device on the market with illuminated status indicators driven from a secure and tamper-proof cloud admin back-end.

Fashion Tech

Fashion Tech

The rapid prototyping and development platform makes it possible to develop prototypes in days, not weeks, meanwhile only using non-technical staff.

No electrical engineering or firmware programming when your team uses the Neue Playground visual programming language.

We are Neue. We are based in Sweden, USA, Germany and Poland.
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