Sensor as a service -
The new way to go digital with IoT

Building sustainable solutions is what Neue is all about. Our sensor as a service solution is built for fast innovation, digitalisation and to enable new business models.

Wether it is on how to increase energy effectiveness & reduce emissions or to capture valuable data and track carbon footprint, you need to capture sensor data and be able to act upon it.

Our sensor as a service solution lets you start capturing this data immediately and to rapidly adapt the solution as you go with our no-code development platform.

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We are lowering the barriers from prototyping to industrialization

There is a need to be able to rapidly take new connected products to the market in smaller batch sizes. 

Prototyping connected hardware usually takes long time, is expensive and does not support interactive and rapid feedback loops.

Creating a new product requires expertise knowledge of new product introduction, setup of supply chains and costs in non recurring engineering

Our combined IoT hardware and no-code software solution can be quickly adapted to different needs, enabling many types of smart sensors without technical expertise. It is built to rapidly go from idea to implementation in the field and is designed for availability and ready for deployment.

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Our Solutions

Temperature control tracking

Our sensor fusion allows you to track, monitor and control your equipment. Knowing that the temperature is within the correct range while minimizing energy usage.

- Enabling service based business models
- Reducing energy usage
- Minimizing waste
- Preventative maintenance
- Detection of spills or destroyed goods

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Industrial IoT

With our solution you can very rapidly add sensors into your equipment and connect it with the cloud and AI solutions. This makes it cheaper, faster and more agile to gather sensor data and act on it.

Solutions can be quickly adapted to the user needs. We help you in rapidly building new innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

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Personal IoT

The rapid prototyping and development platform makes it possible to develop prototypes in days, not weeks, meanwhile only using non-technical staff.

Adding sensors and connecting any device are just a few steps away. With our no-code development platform, it only takes minutes to get data streaming from your device.

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Neue make it possible to create

Customisable IoT Solutions

Product development

IoT ideas and industrialization have never been this close to each other