Flex and Neue Reshape IoT Landscape and Empower Innovation

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Flex and Neue are reshaping the IoT landscape. The Neue iENBL product family, based on Flex reference design, is democratizing IoT and AI development at an unprecedented speed. Neue’s iENBL is not just a product, but a catalyst for accelerated innovation, enabling ideas to transition from prototypes to large-scale deployments rapidly.

Whether you’re a startup testing a new concept or a corporation implementing a comprehensive IoT strategy, Neue iENBL adapts to your needs.

Data is the lifeblood of IoT, and our ‘Sensor as a Service’ offering simplifies data collection from any environment or device. With Neue iENBL, data is securely stored in the cloud, and EdgeAI capabilities minimize data transmission, ensuring data accessibility and protection.

But what truly lowers the barriers of IoT development is the integration between Neue iENBL and Neue’s innovative ‘Playground‘ development platform. This no-code solution empowers users to create hardware, firmware, and apps without extensive coding knowledge, making IoT development accessible to a broader audience.

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