A New Era of Secure Sensor as a Service Starts Now

In the dynamic landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT), Neue is leading a transformative shift with its innovative ‘Sensor as a Service’ solution. This signals a significant change, making IoT more accessible and open to a broader audience.

Neue’s approach not only simplifies the integration of sensor capabilities into various processes but also serves as a catalyst for fast innovation and digitalization. It’s not just about technology; it’s about making IoT practical and straightforward for businesses of all sizes, creating new, sustainable business models.

In collaboration with Kigen as a partner for secure seamless connectivity, Neue ensures that security is a top priority. This partnership integrates world-leading security from the start, providing an extra layer of confidence for professional product designers and enabling the development of groundbreaking connected products.

The emphasis here is on practicality and simplicity. Neue’s platform allows product designers to swiftly implement IoT functionality without needing extensive technical expertise. This ease of use is key to unlocking the potential of IoT for a wider audience, lowering the barriers from prototyping to industrialization.

In essence, with ‘Sensor as a Service,’ Neue is paving the way for a new era where IoT is not confined to tech giants. It’s an era where product designers can easily embrace and leverage IoT capabilities to create innovative and connected products, marking a significant step towards a more inclusive and connected future.

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