Complete solution providing hardware, software and connectivity

Time- and cost-efficient

A ready solution in less than 50% of the time and at 20% of the cost


Low-code development without the need for huge technical expertise


Add any sensor you need without investing in custom builds


Start with a proof-of-concept and then scale for mass production and international deployment


Take a product concept from ideation to industrialization through rapid prototyping and field test deployments using our available, reproducible and ready for manufacturing devices

Neue Automat

Add the extremly small Neue Automat® to connect any equipment and add both sensors and connectivity options.

The rapid prototyping and development platform makes it possible to develop prototypes in days, not weeks.

Neue iENBL

The Neue iENBL platform allows you to take advantage of pre-tested and prototyped devices, saving you time and money.

It has all the necessary elements to build a secure IoT solution that also provides long and short-range connectivity


Using our no-code solution lets you rapidly go from idea to realization of your product through a proof of concept, accelerating your IoT adoption and digitalization journey.


  • Enabling agile development
  • No-code visual programming
  • Rapidly connect sensor data to AI solutions and create dashboards


Through our partners we can provide seamles coverage, anywhere on the globe

Seamless Coverage Between Cellular and Satellite Networks
Allows Our Customers Truly Global Coverage

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