No-code development software for creating IoT solutions without huge technical expertise

  • Enabling agile development

    Use intelligent patches consisting of visual node-based functions for communicating with your device and connecting to the cloud.

  • No scarce skills needed

    Save time on training and take advantage of the agility that the no-code software provide for visualizing better IoT solutions.

  • Integrate any sensor you need

    You can easily configure the firmware to select when and what data to send, to modify data or react to events.

  • Rapidly connect sensor data to AI solutions

    By connecting your sensor outputs to cloud inputs you are ready to start analyzing your data in the cloud using different AI solutions.

Desktop application available this fall!

The public release of Neue Playground is scheduled for fall 2024, with a pre-release available to selected partners earlier in the year.

Have a look at this demo featuring Playground and the Automat hardware in action!

Playground mobile application

Key functions

Create new flows by adding patches and add your hardware devices

Edit your flows in real time by connecting outputs and inputs of your patches and grouping them together to build functions, without having to code

Design your own graphical interface in the design view, control and visualize data from your devices’ sensors and send commands

Download Playground

Once your account is created, you can manage the elements and features of Playground Online

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Our hardware

Rapid Development Platform

Take a product concept from ideation to industrialization through rapid prototyping and field test deployments using our available, reproducible and ready for manufacturing devices

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