Customizable hardware ready for reducing cost and deployment time

For field test deployments with a reproducible device that can be easily customized for scale manufacturing

Neue iENBL​

  • Incorporates a wide range of sensors, and includes processing power and connectivity
  • Ready to be deployed in a field test
  • Designed for manufacturing
  • Reduce time to market and development effort
  • Expansion port for connecting and power additional sensors
  • flex blue

    Rapid development platform

    Built on Flex trusted designs and having a partner with the manufacturing expertise to bring you all the way to delivery

  • psa

    PSA Certified

    Independently tested and verified as being built on security best practice

  • Kigen_logo_square

    Integrated SIM

    Reducing cost, power consumption, space in the PCB, and management complexity

ConnectivitySensors/ActuatorsHW Features
LTE Cat-MAccelerometer/GyroMCU ARM Cortex M4 (STM32L4 – 512MB)
NB-IoTTemperatureHW Secure Element (STSAFE)
Satellite – NB-IoTHumidityRech. battery (1260 mAh)
5GAir PressureSD Card Holder
WiFiLight SensorJTAG & USB
BLE 4.2Magnetic SwitchRuggedized Clamshell Enclosure
RS-232/RS-485MicrophoneETSI & FCC Certification
GNSS (GPS GLONAS GALILEO BeiDou)Push button (x2)iSIM & SIM
BuzzerSize 97x65x26 mm
For rapid prototyping with a tiny footprint

Neue Automat®

FCC connector for various functions like I2C, SPI or Digital and Analog IO signals

Key Functions

  • Tap recognition
  • Detect tilt and fall
  • Pedometer
  • Wake up on events
ConnectivitySensors/ActuatorsHW Features
BLE 4AccelerometerMCU 8051
6 configurable direct digital in/outputsGyroscopeRechargeable battery (100 mAh)
6 analogue in/outputsTemperature / HumiditySize 10x20x5mm
Over the Air UpdateRGB LEDWeight 1.47 grams
Air Pressure

For low power functions

Neue UWB

Low power consumption IoT hardware to

Key Functions

  • Orientation information with BLE​
  • Accelerometer for smart sleep
  • Apple Airtag compatibleWake up on eventsWake up on events
ConnectivitySensorsHW Features
UWB (6.5 GHz & 8 GHz)AccelerometerMCU Cortex M4
BLE 5.2UWB DW3110
Battery (tag)
External power + battery (anchor)

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