Neue receives grant for IoT project to reduce food transport emissions

The Department of Research, Innovation and Business Development at the Swedish Energy Agency has decided to grant support in the form of a subsidy to Neue AB for the implementation of the project “Digitalization with IoT for reduced climate impact for food transport carts”. The project is estimated to contribute to the transition of the energy system as the solution can lead to more efficient energy use by a larger number of actors and activities by integrating IoT sensors in food transport units.

The Swedish Energy Agency is a government authority that works to promote the development and use of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and innovation in the energy sector. The agency supports various projects and initiatives that can contribute to the goals of the Swedish energy and climate policy, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy security, and creating growth and competitiveness.

The CEO of Neue, Fredrik Wanhainen, expressed his gratitude and excitement for receiving the grant. He said that the project is an important step for the company and the food industry to become more digital and sustainable. He also said that the project will create new knowledge and opportunities for improving the quality and safety of food transport and storage, as well as reducing the environmental impact and costs. He hopes that the project will inspire and motivate other actors in the food sector to adopt and implement similar solutions.

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