Neue Unveils Playground

The Ultimate No-Code Platform Revolutionizing IoT Solutions

Neue is poised to revolutionize the IoT industry with the launch of the next version of Neue Playground, an innovative no-code software platform that streamlines the creation of end-to-end IoT solutions. Neue Playground’s addition of a seamless integration with Noodl, an open-source tool for building no-code full-stack applications, empowers users to develop and deploy IoT solutions from firmware to cloud to web applications without writing a single line of code. This transformative platform is set to democratize IoT development and drastically reduce development time, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Key Features and Capabilities

Neue Playground is designed to empower users by lowering the barriers to IoT development and offering a comprehensive suite of features:

  • Automatic Firmware Generation: Generates firmware for device sensors and manages data transfer to the cloud, removing the need for specialized coding knowledge.
  • Cloud Data Management: Allows for modifications of data in the cloud without requiring understanding of cloud storage or coding.
  • Web Application Deployment: Builds fully functional web applications that can be instantly deployed on the cloud, visualizing data streaming from devices.
  • Integrated AI: Assists in adding complex code directly within Neue Playground, accelerating the development process.
  • Seamless Integration: Combines Neue Playground and Noodl to create a unified platform for developing flows on hardware devices, in the cloud, and as web applications.

Noodl Integration and Benefits

Neue’s mission is to lower the barriers from prototyping to industrialization for connected products. By offering sensors as a service and a no-code platform, Neue fosters innovation and digital transformation. Playground’s integration with Noodl enhances its functionality, providing users with a versatile tool for visualizing, analyzing, and controlling data through intuitive drag-and-drop tools. Noodl brings another powerful, open-source low-code environment to Neue Playground, with features that include:

  • Web Apps: Speeds up iteration and collaboration through visual programming of a full-stack solution.
  • Full Customization: Offers extensive customization options for UX and logic without coding.
  • Integrated Backend: Includes built-in user management and cloud functions, simplifying backend tasks.
  • Full-stack: Work on frontend and backend in the same visual environment.

Neue’s Playground is set to be a game-changer in the IoT industry, offering a comprehensive no-code platform that simplifies the development of IoT solutions. With its robust features and seamless integration with Noodl, Playground is poised to empower businesses to innovate and transform their operations efficiently and sustainably. Stay tuned for its public release in fall 2024.

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