Publish and subscribe to an MQTT broker for a given topic. Set the URL of the broker in the Host setting, without prefixing it with mqtt//. Remember to set a client id in the Client ID setting, and if several MQTT patches are used in the same flow, the client id needs to be different for each patch that connects to the same broker.

When everything (at least Host, Port and Client ID) is configured, enable the Connect setting. If the connection to the broker is successful, you should see a message under Status below the settings of the patch. Status messages will also be sent on Status out.

To publish a message with a topic (set by the Topic setting), just send any value you want to publish to Publish msg in.

In order to subscribe to the topic set by the Topic setting, just enable the Subscribe setting. When a message is received, it’s sent on MQTT msg out.


- Publish msg in

- Ping in


- MQTT msg out

- MQTT pong out

- Error out

- Status out


- Topic

- Client ID

- Username    

- Password

- Port

- Host

- Connect

- Subscribe

- UseSSL